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Consultancy Sevrices

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Consultancy Sevrices

Our trainers are all accredited from ProKanban.Org and have the expertise backing it through long experience in delivering valuable outcomes to teams, organisations and customers.
The trainer will facilitate a team-based collaborative learning experience that is designed by some of the best minds in agility to plant the seeds of an agile mindset, how to improve agility and tackle some of the challenges most participants find difficult to address at the workplace.
The courseware is designed to elicit conversations amongst participants on the challenges of moving from traditional project management practices to empirical management practices. Special attention is paid to the known and common misunderstandings of agility as well as the ideas that are usually swept away under the pressures of “how we do things here”.
In order for members of teams/organisations to get most value out of our training, it is important that all relevant members of the organisation participate in the same training so all can be aligned to similar ways of working. Our training will help your people explore different options in an environment within which

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